Jeff Tyson

Longview, TX

Born in Kinder, LA, Jeff Tyson has been freshwater and inshore saltwater fishing for the past thirty years. About three years ago, he decided to get into the rising sport of kayak fishing, and grew to love it due to the friendships it fosters. He is the tournament director for East Texas Kayak Fishing which, as of 2018, has grown to fifty anglers. They support their local chapter of Heroes on the Water with a portion of their swag proceeds, as well as doing a benefit tournament each year to raise money for the organization. He is currently working on a podcast series, but has yet to publish it. When asked about his favorite fishing memory, he said the following:

“In 2017 several of us did an overnight trip on Big Cypress Bayou between Jefferson, TX, and Caddo Lake. It’s a great stretch of water with some good fishing along the way. There’s nothing specific about that trip that stands out as a good story to tell, but it’s one of those times where you just build friendships and make memories.”


“I have always enjoyed learning and building new things, both physically and intellectually. Being involved in a sport this young gives me the ability to help create, shape, and grow it into something great, which is why I choose to be a part of Team Bonafide.”