Jonathan Abshire

Buffalo, WV

A West Virginia native, Jonathan Abshire has been fishing for 15 years, and is currently in his second year of kayak fishing. “The camaraderie in kayak fishing is unlike anything I have ever been a part of and it enables us to fish areas that can’t be reached by a boat.” Abshire is a part of the WVKA, SWVKA, SCKBA, and MSKA clubs.

His favorite kayak fishing memory is fishing with his 13 year old son on his first time out on his new Bonafide SS107. “He managed to catch a 20.50" 6lb large mouth on his first trip out. It was an awesome feeling, getting to see the look on his face as he was fighting it, and the excitement when he got to hold it. He beat six other people we were fishing with that day. I will never forget it.”

“God has truly blessed me in the sport of kayak fishing and being able to represent such an amazing company. I have met a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends and that wouldn’t have been possible had he not blessed me with this opportunity.”