Louis Anderson

Pensacola, FL

Louis Anderson grew up in San Diego and started his fishing career at the age of six. He has been fishing for 27 years, and over the course of those years he has participated in many tournaments – the most notable of which being a Heroes on the Water tournament in South Alabama. In this tournament, every angler had the opportunity to get to know a hero who has served our country. He not only participates in HOW tournaments, but also volunteers for the South Alabama chapter and the Emerald Coast chapter, as well as currently holding the position of treasurer for the Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association.

Louis started kayak fishing about eight years ago, and picked it up while waiting for his doctors to release him to go back to work after a kidney transplant in 2011. He says it gives him an avenue to detach from everyday struggles and claims that while he is on the water, his worries seem to be temporarily non-existent. He currently lives in Pensacola, FL with his wife Meghan, his daughter Gabryn, and his two sons Taivyn and Kastyn.