Nick Berlin

Albany, NY

Born, raised, and currently residing in Albany, NY, as a soft drink sales rep, Nick Berlin has been fishing for as long as he can remember. Salmon fishing with his father in Vancouver, BC, was his first fishing experience. He’s been kayak fishing for just over two years. “With the stresses of day to day happenings, getting out on the water is peace. Clearing your head and realizing what matters most in life. It helps to reorganize the priorities, and regroup my thoughts.”
He’s the tournament director of the Adirondack Kayak Bass Fishing club and participates in the tournaments they host. His most memorable kayaking experience happened during the Club Classic tournament on the Great Sacandaga Lake in New York. “Being the last tournament of the year, I went out with minimal gear, just to have fun. I was in a secluded area alone. It was humbling and gave me time to reflect on the years highs and lows. Not to mention, I came in first. Great way to end the year.”

“Challenge your limits without missing a new opportunity.”