Randy Nelson

New Bern, NC

Randy Nelson, from New Bern, NC, started fishing 36 years ago with his grandfather on the banks of the river.  Ten years ago, he started kayak fishing because he feels there’s an amazing sense of accomplishment when kayak fishing. The paddle, the fight, and the overall experience on the water make him feel more connected and involved than traditional fishing. He guides inshore fishing trips out of New Bern, Oriental, and Swansboro, NC, and his most memorable kayaking experience happened on one of these trips. He and a client set up for a mile long paddle to get to a spot, and when they got there, it was game on. They caught fish non stop for four straight hours. Randy hopes to start participating in tournaments in the 2020 season, and hopes to become more involved with Heroes on the Water.

“I always feel more connected. The feel you get being on a kayak out on the water is like no other. You definitely become one with your surroundings.”