Scott McClurg

Lincoln, NE

Scott McClurg is a Nebraska native, and still lives in his hometown, Lincoln, with his wife and three daughters. He started fishing when he was four years old, chasing Lake Michigan salmon and Kenai River salmon and trout. He has been kayak fishing for the past two years, and enjoys it because he likes the way kayak fishing compliments the local ponds and smaller lakes that provide the best bass fishing. He also enjoys the flexibility of kayak fishing, as you can make what you want of it – from a simple setup to all the best accessories the market continues to bring.

His favorite fishing memory is watching his eight-year-old daughter, Reagan, catch and release her first of many master angler Largemouth bass.

“My favorite things about fishing are learning and teaching. Learning from those that I admire greatly and teaching the next generation a love for fishing one trip at a time. Team Bonafide allows me this great opportunity to do both.”