Sean Amiss


Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia Sean Amiss always had a passion for the outdoors. Growing up he would spend the warm months fishing along rivers or on the Chesapeake Bay and during the cold months he would be nestled in a tree spending his days hunting. After graduating high school he went on to join the U.S. Army where he would find himself serving deployments to Afghanistan as well as duty stations in Germany and Kansas. Upon injuries sustained during his time in Afghanistan, Sean went on to complete his service and was discharged in 2013. Through complete coincidence while on vacation in 2015, floating down the Licking River in Kentucky by kayak, he realized the healing properties enabled by this sport. Shortly thereafter he found Heroes on the Water and Kayak Bass Fishing organizations and that one day trip has turned into a lifelong passion of helping others learn of the sport and helping in the healing of other disabled Veterans.

“Having been given the chance to stand proudly on the Bonafide Team is remarkable in itself, but being able to share in these moments of such great opportunities is truly inspiring. It gives me great pride to be involved with great USA made companies like Bonafide who are helping their local communities and evolving the sport of kayak fishing.”