Wild Waters

Wherever the fish are biting and the waters run wild, Bonafide Fishing brings the thrill to you with Wildwaters. We venture near and far, seeking out the best fisheries to test our gear and skill. Through evocative stories, photos and videos, we chronicle our quests to uncover new fishing holes, rivers, and lakes.

Wildwaters takes you on a journey to both hidden and accessible angling hot spots pursued by passionate anglers. Because for us, the true spirit of fishing lies in the sense of adventure and pursuit of the wild.


Hooked on St. Croix

Witness explosive topwater strikes and surprise trophies .Glide with us down the renowned St. Croix, putting the RVR119 to the test on waters famous for trophy smallmouth.

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The Elusive Smallies of the Buffalo

This is to the ones who got away - the elusive trophies that slip behind rocks and into the depths. The picky eaters who spit and snub. The infuriating challenge to land the one who will finally give you bragging rights. That is the essence of the Buffalo...

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