About Us



A challenge. A challenge to design and build something that didn’t seem possible.

Bonafide Kayaks is fairly new with officially announcing the brand late in 2016. The team we have assembled is amongst the most talented and experienced in the paddle sports industry and we are setting our goals high. Our plans are big but our strategy is simple: We will do everything we can to produce the highest quality, most thoughtfully designed, and most carefully engineered fishing kayaks possible. Commitments to manufacturing in the USA, creating jobs, and unparalleled customer service are among our primary objectives.

At Bonafide we are listening, and we will put the end-user first in our designs. We will question conventional thinking, and we will bring forward concepts and products that answer those needs. What we’re doing here at Bonafide is a scientific approach to development. We are allowing data and quantitative measurements to drive our designs and will provide kayaks that are precisely engineered to meet the needs of today’s kayak anglers.


Simply put, we are a group of people who love what we do each and every day.

We are paddlers, anglers, entrepreneurs, product designers, engineers, and individuals who enjoy a challenge and being a part of something bigger than ourselves while building a product that brings joy and excitement to the kayak fishing community. Our products aren’t just kayaks they are a vessel used to escape, explore, and for anglers to follow their passion of paddling, fishing, and the outdoors. Our goal is to remain authentic, genuine, and real. Our commitment is to do things differently, in ways that will lead to some of the most innovative products the industry’s ever seen.

Innovation starts where conventional options end. We intend to start this journey at the end of the beaten path and explore different ideas and techniques. In doing so, we will discover things that are not only beneficial to our company but to the industry as a whole.”


210 Old Airport Rd.  |   Fletcher, NC |   28732


After countless revisions, months of testing, and letting the data speak for itself, we were able to get the first fully molded Bonafide prototype on the water. At that moment we knew we had captured lightning in a bottle.