Announcing the 2019-2020 Limited Editions

When we first started thinking about making limited edition color runs for the SS Series, we started out with the idea of a hunting boat. However, as soon as we put the pads on our first prototype Woodsman LE, we immediately thought, “Dang, this should have had grey pads. We should have made this a military theme.” Taking that inspiration into ICAST 2019, we also added in some other highly requested ideas and color schemes from team members, employees, and most importantly, customers like you!

So, it is our pleasure to announce the 2019-2020 line up of limited editions from Bonafide Kayaks!

First, we have the Black Widow. True to name, this black kayak has black anodized YakAttack Geartrac and red accents in the deck padding, seat, and access plate. As we experimented with component colors and deck padding, we settled on the perfect combination of stealth and a deadly aesthetic. It features a spider web layout on the deck, with a new addition of padding on the DryPod™ with the design of the black widow herself. The PerchPads feature more webbing and the black widow’s little sister hanging out. With the seat, we knew the original seat design wasn’t quite lethal enough, so we added in some red piping, adjusted the fabric so it was just a tad darker, and changed our standard white Bonafide Icon logo to black. The result? A kayak that’s as lethal as it looks.

Here at Bonafide, we’re proud to be American, and we love to support our veterans and active service members who have fought and who continue to fight for our country. As a nod to them, we took inspiration from a WWII B-25 Bomber plane to bring you the BK-25 Bomber. This military green kayak features grey and yellow industrial-looking padding with a star insignia on the deck, and more padding on the front hatch and DryPod™. With planes during this time period they commonly featured mission symbols so we added a few to the PerchPads. Mission symbols, also known as mission marks, kill markings and victory decals, are the small symbols painted on the sides of planes, usually near the cockpit or nose, which are used to show the successes of the crews that had flown that particular aircraft. During World War II, these marks or symbols appear not to have been official military markings but rather were given meaning through their repetitive use by the airmen.  Finally, as with the Black Widow we added yellow stitching, piping, and accents onto the seat.

Now, with two deadly weapons of fishing destruction under our belt, we also wanted to bring a lighter mood to ICAST – something along the lines of crystal-clear water, untouched beaches, an Hawaiian luau,  and grass skirts. Introducing the Tiki LE! This Endless Summer Aqua kayak features brown traction padding with tiki and tribal themed designs on the PerchPads, DryPod, and deck – it’s sure to bring to mind thoughts of sun, summer, and sand! Add another tiki onto the seat and some brown accents, and you’ve got a fantastic fishing kayak that’s perfect for coastal waters.

Last, but absolutely not least, we have by far the most highly requested color combination by dealers and consumers alike – the Fusion. This electric lime and black fade is dynamic, bad-to-the-bone, and a favorite of many. Featuring accents of lime in the black traction padding, seat, and components, this nuclear combination is absolutely breathtaking.

We added another Limited Edition as a surprise in late August, and are now introducing the Canyon! This fade is a unique blend of yellow, sand, brown, red, and orange to create a unique swirling pattern that’s reminiscent of the Grand Canyon. An option for budget-conscious anglers, the RS117 Canyon LE is $1,099.99


  • All LE SS Series models will have 100 units SS107s and 100 units SS127s produced; 800 boats total.
  • RS117 Canyon LE has 300 boats total produced.
  • Weight capacity, weight, and features are the same except when otherwise listed. Here are the links for more information about the SS107 and SS127.
  • ONLY available through our dealer network. To find a dealer near you, click HERE.