Alan Reed

Columbus, IN

Alan Reed started fishing in 2016, and quickly found it was something he enjoyed. Fishing out of a kayak allowed him to access his local waters and get out here the boats were, rather than being stuck on the bank. It didn’t take long to also find there were tournaments to feed his competitive nature. He started at the local level, winning Siyak Aoy that first year. He decided to make the jump to fishing national and regional tournaments- chasing the bigger dream. He’s also the co-founder of Hoosier Kayak Bassin’. HKB has the intention of spotlighting local anglers, while also providing tips, techniques, and insights into all aspects of kayak fishing for bass. “If I put the work in upfront with map study, internet research, pre-fishing, then tournament day is just another day of fishing.” Alan enjoys helping and supporting new anglers, which helps grow the sport.

“Kayak fishing has allowed me the opportunity escape into nature while feeding my desire to compete. It has also brought me a group of life long friends that after a long day on the water can sit around, tell stories, and laugh with each other.”