Candice Campbell

Greenville, SC

Candice Campbell, from Travelers Rest, SC, feels like she grew up fishing. Since she had a lake in her front yard growing up, and since her father loved to go fishing, Candice has been fishing almost her entire life! However, her passion for kayak fishing started three years ago.  She says that she enjoys kayak fishing because she is able to access fishing points with multiple advantages, and fish areas that she wouldn’t normally be able to fish. She says it makes fishing so much more accessible and available, so that she gets to fish more and adventure in new areas - broadening her angling.

She competed in monthly KBF tournaments with the Upstate South Carolina Fishing Club, Tourney X online tournaments, Yaktribe Fishing Tournaments, and the Grady’s Great Outdoors Tournament. She won biggest fish at the Lake Lyman Lunkers Tournament and is the first female angler in the Palmetto State Fishing Club to have ever placed.  Her favorite fishing memory is the first time she ever went kayak fishing. “I was sitting in the kayak,” she said, “alone, in complete silence - and all I could hear were the echoes of the wildlife in the background. It reminds you of what fishing is all about to begin with.”

“Fishing has always been a part of my life, and the new adventures that have come along with kayak fishing have been some of the greatest memories I'll ever have. There is so much more accessibility with a kayak that you just cant achieve with a larger vessel. Kayak fishing gives fishing so much more perspective.”