KBF Founder & President Chad “Knot Right” Hoover grew up hunting, fishing and exploring the backwoods and backwaters of rural Louisiana and Georgia. After finishing high school, he joined the Navy and set out in search of adventure. In September 2012, Chad retired after over 20 years of active duty service. Chad has traveled extensively and been blessed with the opportunity to hunt and fish in many places around the globe. His passion for hunting has never faded, but as a lifelong fisherman he found many more opportunities to fish while relocating frequently throughout his military career.

That passion took a unique turn when he discovered rotomolded kayaks while stationed in Corpus Christi, TX. He grew up primarily fishing for catfish, crappie and bass but quickly took to the flats for redfish, trout and flounder after experiencing and the famed Upper Laguna Madre had to offer.

Though Chad was fascinated with saltwater fishing, he quickly returned to his roots and obsession chasing trophy largemouth bass. In 2009, he authored Kayak Bass Fishing to share that passion and knowledge with others. Later that year, he launched the Kayak Bass Fishing Challenge Series as a Catch, Photo and Release tournament series. Anglers across the country competed for premium prizes and the first nationwide organized Kayak Bass Fishing Series was born. Chad continued to pioneer kayak bass fishing tournaments by hosting the first KBF OPEN in 2013 on Santee Cooper in South Carolina. The event took place there again in 2014 before moving to Kentucky Lake in 2015. In 2016, Chad created the first Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship and set the bar with the highest payout in kayak fishing history at over $32,000. The 2017 KBF National Championship bested that event with a payout surpassing $40,000. In 2018, The KBF National Championship achieved a significant milestone becoming the first kayak fishing event with a $100,000 first place payout, a total purse over $280,000 and setting the record for the largest event in kayak fishing with over 750 competitors.

Chad took his passion for entertaining and educating and partnered with Heliconia Press to launch Kayak Bassin TV for YouTube and Television in 2011. Through these platforms, Chad has been able to drive the promotion of the sport to unprecedented levels. Learn more about Chad and Kayak Bass Fishing at

“Fishing for me has always been a passion, but fishing from a kayak took it to a whole new level. Fishing any other way is fishing in black and white and fishing from a kayak is like fishing in IMAX 3-D!”