Craig Strawser

Williamsburg, VA

Craig “Doogie” Strawser was born an Army brat, and grew up in Newport News, Virginia. Fishing and spending time on the water have always been a part of his life. As a child, his first introduction to fishing started with catching crickets by hand in a field, or digging up worms in the garden. These would be dangled beneath a bobber in the local pond, where bluegill would make quick work of the offering. As a teenager, his summers were spent canoeing or whitewater-rafting. After graduating high school, Craig joined the U.S. Navy, where he spent the next 24 years of his life. Being a Sailor gave him the unique opportunity to fish across the country, and in many different places around the world.

Since retiring from the Navy, Craig has been able to focus more time on learning the local waters of Williamsburg and the surrounding area. “Southeastern Virginia is probably one of the best places in the world to kayak fish,” says Craig. From the inland lakes, to the saltwater bays, there is always some species of fish ready to hit a lure, but Craig’s focus tends to lean toward the Largemouth Bass. “There are always little ponds, or backwaters, where you can slip a kayak in and catch bass on a regular basis.” Craig is a volunteer with the Hampton Roads chapter of Heroes on the Water; and is an active member of the Williamsburg Kayak Fishing Association.

“Sitting in a kayak, at fish-eye level, makes the whole fishing trip more real for the fisherman. You are a part of the environment, not an intruder into it; and I think that is what brings me the most peace, and joy from my time on the water. Being a part of the Bonafide Team, and helping to bring that to others really means a lot to me.”