Dave Ohmer

Erie, PA

Dave Ohmer is from Erie, Pennsylvania. He has a degree in biology, and is a certified high school biology teacher; however, he teaches middle school life science. He’s been fishing since he was a kid, but started kayaking in 2014. He enjoys kayak angling because of the satisfaction that comes with being on the water. He believes that “there is no better therapy from life’s ills than a fishing float down a river, or out on some flat water somewhere.”

While preferring to simply float with friends, he participates in tournaments with Kayak Anglers of Western PA, and Kayak Bass Fishing organizations. He’s a certified fishing skills instructor with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, and regularly volunteers throughout western Pennsylvania. While he loves being on the water and catching fish, he says that there’s nothing better than fishing with people. “From the camaraderie of the group, to the fishing, the setting up at camp and the preparation of the evening’s meal. Life doesn’t get much better.”

“I’d rather get skunked fishing all day with a group of friends over catching a personal record on a solo float. In the end, it’s about people.”