Dave Kimball

Smithfield, VA

David Kimball is from Smithfield, Virginia, and he lives there today. He is the maintenance supervisor for Smithfield Foods and sales associate for the Hampton, Virginia, location of Appomattox River Company. He’s been fishing for thirty-four years, and kayak fishing for fourteen. David prefers kayak fishing because “I’ve caught bigger and better-quality fish from my kayak than I have from any power boat.”

David has participated in many tournaments, including the TKAA tournament and in his local kayak fishing club. He’s received citations for notable catches of Striped Bass and Speckle Trout and has received wall plaques for these accomplishments, and won first and second place in annual, month-long fishing tournaments. He volunteers with different functions that the Tidewater Chapter of Heroes on the Water puts on, and volunteers at the YakAttack tournament, as well.


“Life is what you make of it, get out there and enjoy every minute of it. Through kayak fishing and introducing people to kayak fishing, I’ve made memories that will last me and others a lifetime.”