Drake Mues

Culbertson, NE

Drake Mues, native to Culberton, Nebraska, has been fishing since he could hold a rod with his parents, Dustin and Jen, and his sister, Daelyn. He started kayaking for about seven years, and kayak fishes because it’s a great hobby! He goes out on the water almost ever day during the summer – including weekends – and he enjoys it because “it’s such a fun experience that enables you to let go of your worries and be with nature. In addition, it gets you closer to nature than a traditional powerboat, allowing you to be right down to the water – even see right into it when it’s clear!”

He has been kayak fishing since 2015 and ha placed first in the Kayapalooza monthly tournament and live events and holds many Master Angler Citations. His favorite fishing memory is when he caught a master angler 18 3/4 crappie jigging on a submerged log.

“I believe that kayak fishing should be brought around the world, and it should be shown to people that have not even tried kayaking because they don’t know the amazing experience that I have had for many years of my life and the many more years I will be kayak fishing. “