Dustin Hoy

McArthur, OH

Dustin Hoy, an Ohio native, has been fishing since he was big enough to cast a line, and kayak fishing for 20 years. “Kayak fishing breaks the monotony of every day life. When I am kayak fishing, I don’t have to think about anything except my next big fish.”

Although he’s been in a kayak for two decades, his most memorable kayak fishing experience happened in February, 2019, fishing for peacock bass in his SS127 Woodsman near Fort Lauderdale. “The fight those peacock had made the entire 16 hour drive worth every minute. My kayak never faltered once.” Hoy has participated in the River Bassin and Kayak Angers Eastern Ohio tournaments, and supports Cranking for Vets. He and his wife own a gear shop called Raccoon Creek Outfitters.

“Life is what you make of it, get out there and enjoy every minute of it. Through kayak fishing and introducing people to kayak fishing, I’ve made memories that will last me and others a lifetime.”