Gene Jensen


Gene Jensen is a born and bred Georgia boy who grew up trout in the creeks of the Appalachian Mountains, fishing under the tutelage of his father. As a teenager he was exposed to bass fishing by a friend and forever hooked. Today he can be described as an avid bass angler and, at best, that description is an understatement. Gene guided on Richmond Mill Lake for five years and it was there he learned he loved to teach people how to fish. Today he owns and operates multiple social media outlets, to include his YouTube channel, Flukemaster. He has amassed a gargantuan following of 230,000+ subscribers on YouTube and 130,000 followers on Instagram. That number grows every day. Through social media Gene shares his passion for fishing but also teaches others the details of bass fishing from beginner to advanced techniques. After all, it is his motto: “Teaching the World to Fish”. His passion and ability to teach others has propelled him to become a commonly known name in the recreational fishing world. This is not because of special marketing or advertising, but simply because he provides value to his following. More people are able to enjoy fishing because of Gene Jensen.

“All I want to do is teach the world to fish.”