Jon Lessman

Madsison, AL

Jon, or known to most as Big Less, started fishing with his father and grandfather fishing farm ponds. Jon switched from bass and cat fishing to trout when he went off to college in the mountains of Virginia, and from there enlisted in the army and fished what was available from there, too. Jon served in the infantry and was deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan several times. Being wounded in combat brought new challenges to overcome in his every day life. Before he retired from the army, Jon became an accomplished tournament Catfish Angler traveling the South East.  Due to his injuries, Jon was forced to scale down his fishing, and was in turn introduced to kayak bass fishing by a fellow injured vet. Jon is now able to pursue his obsession for fishing, and incorporate therapy into his daily routine.

“Kayak fishing has brought me peace to my mind and soul. Kayaking still allows me to be competitive and allows me to get out on the water, even with my disabilities. These outdoor adventures allow us Combat Veterans a way to heal, making us better for the ones we love”