Reese Melven

Columbia, SC

Reese Melven was born and raised in Columbia, SC, and grew up fishing his home lake, Lake Murray, for bluegill in the summers. He got his first kayak in 2012, where he learned to fly fish for bluegill, but in 2018 he dived into the world of bass fishing, and hasn’t looked back since. He loves kayak fishing because of the capabilities to get into those fishy places and the customization options.  Each persons kayak is unique, and the community is awesome. Everyone is helpful, no matter what the case is. The 2019 tournament season was Reese’s first, and he fished in his local tournaments and the KBF online state challenges as well. He’s looking forward to expanding his knowledge and fishing in more tournaments nationwide.

“There’s not a place you can’t get to when you’re kayak fishing.”