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Bonafide Kayak Kush Bar: Lumbar Kushion

18”L x 6”W x 2..5”H(thickness)

-Light weight patented technology for more enjoyment

- High quality grade sewing


-Tactical strap with anti slip cam buckle

-Breathable material

-Zipper accessibility

-Non-collapsible & functional

Bonafide Kayak Kushion

-Light weight patented technology for more enjoyment

- High quality grade sewing

-Tactical straps with anti slip cam buckles

-Breathable material

-Zipper accessibility

-Non-collapsible & functional

Bonafide Ketch X Measuring Board

Bonafide Branded
Tether holes CNC machined on fence end of the board.
High color contrast that’s easy to read and extremely durable.
Tournament numbers on top of Kradle edge
Ketch Kradle incorporated into board (all one piece)
Widened fence

Bonafide Sideline Fishing Backpack with Three 3600 Boxes

Ideal for a full day of fishing, the Sideling Fishing Backpack keeps your tackle well organized and keeps you comfortable on the move. Perfect for walking and fishing a bank, getting your fishing gear to your boat or onto your fishing kayak, the Sideline Backpack is loaded with features. Adjustable padded straps get you the right fit, the included three 3600 waterproof tackle boxes fit perfectly in the bag and keep your tackle organized, the ridgid internal structure allows the bag to stand up on its own when you set it on the deck of the boat or the ground, plier pouch give you quick access for changing your baits or unhooking the fish, and the integrated rod holder allows you to keep the rod attached to the bag while you are retying a new bait or moving to the next spot. 

  • Water resistant material
  • Fishing Rod Holder
  • Water Bottle Pouch
  • Rubberized Handle
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Includes three 3600 Waterproof Tackle Boxes
  • Rubberized Pull Tabs
  • Snag Proof Side Pouches
  • Rigid Internal Structure
  • Chest and Waist Strap
  • Breathable Back Paddling
  • Plier Pouch

Bonafide Sideline Sling Fishing Bag with Two 3500 Boxes

Comfortable and lightweight, the Sideline Sling Fishing Bag allows you to carry just what you need for a quick fishing trip. With adjustable shoulder and waist straps, the Sling bag allows you to get the right for you. The Sideline Sling includes two 3500 waterproof tackle boxes that fit perfectly in the bag and allows you to stay organized. The bag will also be attached directly to the back of any Bonafide Fishing Kayak seat making it extremely versatile for kayak and bank anglers alike. 

  • Water Resistant Material
  • Breathable Back Padding
  • Water Bottle Pouch
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Mounts the back of any Bonafide Seat
  • Includes two 3500 Waterproof Tackle Boxes
  • Rubberized Pull Tabs
  • Includes Shoulder and Waist Strap

Ketch ID

This product will fit Ketch X, Karbonate, and board & cradle (All sizes)
Slides on your Ketch board for easy maneuvering
Adjustable to fight against sunlight
Comes with ID Card holder
Note: Before applying dual loc to clear ID Holder, clean surface for better adhesion

Ketch Keeper

Mount your Ketch Board anywhere
Fits all Ketch Boards
Standard Kit comes with 10-32 3/8” bolts 10-32 t-nuts for t-track X2 each per package.
Krate Kit comes with 10-32 x 1” Nylon lock nuts Washers X4 of each per package.
Stainless Steel Hardware

NRS Chinook Fishing PFD

With all the organization and attachment points needed for your fishing accessories, the NRS Chinook Fishing PFD is the world's best-selling life jacket for kayak anglers. Not only is it designed to make you more effective on the water, the comfort of the Chinook simply can't be beat.
  • The Chinook is a Type III, medium profile life jacket delivering 16.0 pounds of flotation.
  • PlushFit™ foam and a high-back design combine to create an extremely comfortable vest for any type of raft or kayak seat.
  • A mesh lower-back offers added ventilation on warm days.
  • Two large, zippered pockets, sized for tackle boxes, with internal organization, plus two smaller accessory pockets with hook-and-loop closure.
  • A fifth, tool holder pocket offers quick access to pliers, line cutters or other fishing gadgets and accessories.
  • Also features a rod holder, strobe attachment point, reflective accents and knife lash tab.
  • The zippered front entry and six adjustment points offer a customized fit.
  • The Chinook carries the US Coast Guard Certification through Underwriters Laboratories (UL).



Size Chest
XS/M 30"-42"
L/XL 42"-52"
XL/XXL 50"-56"



Weight: 2 lbs
  • Fishing Life Jackets
  • Mesh-Back Life Jackets
  • Front-Zip Life Jackets
US Coast Guard Type: III
Profile: Medium
Design Flotation: 16.0 lbs.
Outer Fabric: 400-denier ripstop nylon
Entry System: Front zip
  • 5 - Front
Lash Tabs:
  • 1 - Front
Adjustment System:
  • 4 - Side
  • 2 - Shoulder
  • 1 - Waist
  • Rod holder loop
  • Strobe holder loop
  • Reflective accents
  • Pockets with internal organization
  • Shoulder strap keepers

RVR Anchor Wizard Kit (Single and Double)

The Bonafide RVR119 river fishing kayak has been built to fully integrated a single or double RVR Anchor Wizard Kit. The Anchor Wizard system allows you to quickly drop the anchor and retract the anchor. The RVR has two internally run tubing ports that keep your anchor lines in the hull of the kayak to prevent snags. The bow had an integrated roller for making the anchor quiet and easy to deploy and retract. On the stern there is a dedicated area for a drag chain to rest or an additional anchor ball to hang. Having dual anchoring options allows you to face up or down stream in current. 

Installation Video

Single Kit Includes (Can be mounted on Bow or Stern)

  • Low Profile Anchor Wizard Crank
  • Anchor Line
  • 6LB Radius Anchor
  • Carabiner
  • Installation Hardware

Double Kit Includes (For Installing an Anchor on the Bow and the Stern)

  • Low Profile Anchor Wizard Crank x 2
  • Anchor Line x 2
  • 6LB Radius Anchor x 2
  • Carabiner x 2
  • Installation Hardware

Sidekick HD Wheel System - P127, RVR119, SKF117, PWR129

Easily transport your P127, RVR119, SKF117, PWR129 to and from the water using the Sidekick Wheel System. It is important to note that the Sidekick Wheel System must be mounted on the black anodized groove track located directly behind the seat. Mounting the Sidekick on any other track will void the hull warranty. Please refer to our Youtube channel for full installation instructions (P127 Sidekick Installation).

Please note that we recommend removing the Sidekick legs during vehicle or trailer transport. Also, the Sidekick is rated to carry up to 50 pounds in gear on our kayak models while in use. 


Sidekick No Float Wheel Kit

Fits on current Sidekick legs for a "no float" wheel option. New, wider, pins included.

SS / RVR Steering Kit

This steering kit utilizes the stock Double Acting™ Foot Braces featured on the Bonafide SS Series and offers hands free steering capabilities. When going from the low position to the high position, it's easy to adjust your foot braces with the SteeringReels. Included are two sections of Sprectra cord, tubing, and a left/right SteeringReel assembly. This kit is commonly used on the SS Series and RVR Bonafide's in conjunction with DIY motor installs or third party rudder kits. Each of the components are 100% custom designed and made to maximize the performance of your Bonafide.

Universal Scupper Plugs S/M

This soft rubber scupper plug is designed to fit circular scuppers in your sit-on-top kayak. The conical shape and hollow design allow for the rubber construction to accommodate scupper holes ranging from 1.13” to 1.40” in diameter. The rigid center core gives you a nice place to push the plug in place and the pull tab makes for easy removal.

Sold in a 2 pack
Size - small / medium
Fits scupper holes ranging from 1.13” to 1.40” diameter

YakAttack BlackPak Pro Kayak Fishing Crate - 13 x 13

Product Information


The original hard-sided kayak crate just got better. A lot better. Introducing the completely redesigned BlackPak Pro.  

The result of intense collaboration and more than a year of R&D and design, the BlackPak Pro is fully riggable and boasts a hinged lid, 25% weight reduction, and best-in-class functionality. Enhancements include many things you might have expected, as well as some true-to-the-brand features that no one saw coming.


The BLP-PRO-13X13 is 13” x 13” x 13” (L,W,H) and weights in at 6.9 lbs. without TetherTubes and 8.2 lbs. with the included three TetherTubes . The BlackPak Pro also comes in two other sizes, 13” x 16” and a 16” x 16”.

Construction and Assembly

Injection-molded from UV stabilized polymers, the BlackPak Pro will last for many years, even in harsh marine environments. The ultra-stiff panels utilize a rib structure that offers exceptional rigidity with minimal weight, while their interlocking joints ensure an intuitive, frustration-free assembly process. Interlocking GridLoc panels utilize a tongue and groove edge design to make assembly a breeze. Just press them together (they won’t fall apart during assembly) and install the (included) stainless steel screws using a simple screwdriver.

Hinged Lid

The water shedding lid with fully adjustable hinges allows you to go from freely pivoting to a sticky setting that maintains the lid position when you let go of it, while integrated overtravel stops keep the lid within reach and limit it to a manageable angle. Sound dampening rubber bumpers ensure quiet closing of the lid, and the unique CatchLatch retention system secures the lid in a simple but surprisingly functional manner. 

Rod Holders

The included three TetherTube rod holders with integrated but easily removable hook and tether systems ensure your rods stay put if things go wrong. Caged attachment points on both sides of the tube offer multiple hook points, and the oversized hook design is sized to attach directly to the shaft of your fishing rod if desired. The TetherTube rod holder mounts to the GridLoc panels using at least three of the four standoff pads, enabling several vertical positioning options. Mount them high for rods with long butts, or mount them low to elevate the BlackPak Pro into the HighNDry position.

Tankwell Security

Rubber feet offer noise dampening and isolation, while Omni corner brackets enable multiple hold-down methods. They are designed as attachment points for YakAttack OmniHooks (four of which are included), generic hooks, carabiners, or simple bungee. 


Optimized for a wide variety of tackle boxes, including Plano 3700, Plano Edge, Bass Mafia Bait Coffin, Flambeau, and many more. 


The key to customizing and accessorizing the BlackPak Pro lies in the highly revolutionary GridLoc 2D mounting system, which offers a plethora of attachment points on the inside and outside of the panels. This gives our design team a platform for which they can design a myriad of dividers, holders, and other attachments. Development of these accessories is already underway!


  • 3 Rod Holders with built-in rod leashes
  • Optimized for 3600 sized tackle boxes
  • Fits eight 3600 Plano boxes
  • Hinged lid with secure latches
  • New lightweight construction
  • GridLoc Mounting Platform located on every panel
  • Rubberized feet and built in noise dampening features
  • Internal dimensions (L, W, H) – 11.9” x 11.9”  x 11.75”
  • External dimensions (L, W, H)  – 12.94” x 12.94”  x 13.3”
  • 6.9 lbs. without TetherTubes and 8.2 lbs. with included three TetherTubes
  • When measuring your kayak's tankwell add 2.75" for every side you intend to attach TetherTubes
  • Build for use in harsh marine conditions
  • Includes stainless steel hardware
  • Made in the USA
  • Built for Life Guarantee
  • SKU: BLP-PRO-13X13

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